■ Global NICs

ICANN   (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

InterNIC   (The Internet Network Information Center)

IANA   (The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)

APNIC   (Asia/Pacific Region)

RIPE   (Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia)

ARIN   (North America Region)

LACNIC   (Latin America and some Caribbean Islands)

AfriNIC   (Africa Region)

■ Local NICs

auDA   (Australia)

CIRA   (Canada)

CNNIC   (China)

EURid   (European Union)

DENIC   (Germany)

HKDNR & HKIRC   (Hong Kong)

NIXI   (India)

JPNIC   (Japan)

KISA/KRNIC   (Korea)

MONIC   (Macau)

InternetNZ   (New Zealand)

TWNIC   (Taiwan)

THNIC   (Thailand)

Nominet UK   (United Kingdom)

usTLD   (United States)

For more, please refer to Root Zone Database